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Map Pointz
by Guadalupe Rosales
Sold Out

Sold Out!

Guadalupe is an artist and archivist based in Los Angeles.  Since 2015 has an ongoing project developing an archive of photographs, objects and ephemera related to the 90’s Los Angeles Latino/a party crew scene and  youth culture. By preserving artifacts and memorabilia, Rosales' work deconstructs and reframes marginalized histories, offering platforms of conversation and agency of self-representation. This publication focuses on youth active in the SoCal 90s party crew and rave scene including her own personal involvement in the party scene to the tragic death her cousin who passed away from gang violence. Bringing us to 2018 and the creation of her art installation pieces that take the digital archive into the physical to create an immersive experience. This publication is printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies 

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