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edited by Paul Lyons

Sold Out!
Paul Lyons, Jim Drain, Michael DeForge, Michaela Zacchilli, Brian Ralph, Chuck Forsman, James Kochalka, Jim Rugg, Peter Edwards, Andy Estep, Oscar Estep, CF, Brian Chippendale, Blade, Keith McCulloch, Mike Taylor, Roby Newton, Edie Fake, Leif Goldberg, Keith Jones, Dennis Franklin, Jo Dery, Erik Talley, Beatrice McGeoch, Tony Astone, Mat Brinkman, Nick Thorburn, Melissa Mendes, Aaron DeMuth, writers/artists

Paul Lyons, editor

self-published, October 2010
88 pages

The Fort Thunder house anthology! Stunningly offset printed at an enormous size and wrapped in a silkscreen by editor Paul Lyons.

Ed. of 666

10 × 14” (big!!)