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by Mark Beyer

Sold Out!

Mark Beyer (born 1950) is an auto-didact American artist/cartoonist known for his dismal, yet satirical, storylines that feature death, depression, violence, and calamity. Beyer’s work has been featured in Raw Magazine; Raw Vision Magazine, weekly in the  LA Weekly for seven consecutive years, Village Voice, NME, and as a recurring animated short series on MTV's Liquid Television, "The Adventures of Thomas and Nardo". Beyer’s art has also graced album covers by John Zorn, The Residents, and many others. 

“Ne’er-do-Wellers” acts as a commentary on hand-selected low-profile news reports occurring in his current home of Albuquerque, NM. The cover image focuses on the true story of a man who was crucified to a tree outside of the city. Other illustrations focus on stories such as the incident of an individual stealing 816 shopping carts over several months, and another where a police helicopter was shot down while searching for a murder suspect. These illustrations are the culmination of Beyer’s interest and visual discussion of local crime reports.

The 25 page zine is released in an edition of 200 along with a birthday card and three postcards, all hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Published by Trapset Zines and sponsored by Provincetown Art Association and Museum.