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One +1: Partial Repetitions & Integral Impermanences
by Daniel Eatock

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Eatock has produced a series of works, each of which establishes a particular range of formal, practical or conceptual conceits connecting two otherwise independently existing objects and by staging object-scenarios. The playful combinations of the objects employed, their various juxtapositions and the differing durational nature of their new-found pairings (from static to split-second to perpetual motion), generate a set of immediate yet complex interactions – relationships in form, weight, colour, material, scale, structure, texture, function – through which Eatock attempts to both comprehend and complicate the world around us.

Building upon forms, building upon shapes, building upon symbolism, building upon use-value… in sum, we live through the modern amongst us and act upon its settings, establish relationships of connection, resulting in aggregates – a new holism?

Whilst remaining firmly embedded in his broader, hybrid practice, these sculptural object-scenarios also originally came into being as part of preliminary developmental research for the re-branding of the national television broadcasting network BBC2.

This text is based on the words of David Falkner, director of the Stanley Picker Gallery

32 pages + 1 poster, 148 x 210 mm, softcover
Publisher: Onomatopee
ISBN: 9789078454953