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Real Deal Magazine Complete Set
by Lawrence Hubbard

Sold Out!
These are original copies of 1989's mysterious Real Deal Magazine, from Compton, Los Angeles - a six-issue masterpiece. One of the rare, contemporary, Black created and published comics, Real Deal depicts L.A. underworld life with visceral, bone-dry humor and gross out violence rendered in Lawrence Hubbard's (aka "Raw Dawg") uniquely gnarly line, and written by H.P. McElwee (aka "R.D. Bone").

Inspired by magazines like Mad, traditional superhero comics, and people the creators knew in their own lives, Real Deal satirized Blaxploitation movies with a mélange of stories featuring convicts, hustlers, drug addicts, crack whores, car thieves, and murderers. In the words of artist/publisher Hubbard, a typical Real Deal story began with " ... an everyday situation: Going to the store, the car wash, buying some food, you have a confrontation, nobody backs down! And next all hell breaks loose!! And the main thing is none of the characters give a shit about the consequences!”

Hubbard cites Mort Drucker, Angelo Torres, George Woodbridge, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, E. Simms Campbell, and Doug Wildey as influences, while critics note the similarity of Hubbard's inking to that of Gary Panter and Raymond Pettibon.

Real Deal creators Hubbard and McElwee worked together at the Los Angeles headquarters of California Federal Savings in the 1980s. Amused by McElwee's wild stories of his friends and associates, Hubbard proposed illustrating them in comics form. After being rejected by mainstream publishers like DC and Marvel Comics, in 1989 Hubbard and McElwee formed Real Deal Productions and self-published Real Deal #1.

Real Deal # 1 is tabloid-sized, printed in color on newsprint, featuring G.C., a middle-aged streetwise criminal with no conscience, and his gang, including Ace Brogham, Slick Willy, and Pork-Butt. There's also the R-Team (a take-off on The A-Team), a rag-tag group of paramilitary criminals led by Sarge, "Ugh", Killing Machine, "Match-Head", and Mad-Dog Jack. Among other "missions," the R-Team takes on the Italian Mafia. There is also the science fiction feature "Planet Dregs" starring Prisoner #73588X.

Issues #2 through #6 are 8.5" x 10"