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Sky2K Sandy Kim

Sold Out!

In honor of the 2013 New York Art Book Fair, Unpiano Books curated a small collection of new work from Sandy Kim and published it as a one-shot zine done on a scale seldom attempted by publishers. The twelve pages that contain the new work are actually just two pages folded and cut to fit the format of both a book and enormous poster at the same time. Signed editions/print combinations may become available after opening night, so check back for updates.

"...Maybe I am jealous of her. I am green with envy, most likely. Fuck you, Sandy, for having period sex with your dead-eyed boyfriend and photographing it with a disposable camera. You ruined my life, you stole my dreams, and you have abnormally nice tits for such a small person. (Isn’t that how it always is somehow?) Just, ugh, fuck off. I’m rambling …I will say this: I just don’t see what the big deal is. There’s no distinct voice to her photographs (yet?), but I’ll be there in a few years when she inevitably realizes she just wants to do black and white self-portraiture or extremely high-concept digital fashion photography. (YOU’RE WELCOME, SANDY). But seriously. I’d really like to see either of those. Do it, girl. For now - snooze fest. ...I actually do like a few of her photos; specifically her more fashion-y portraits of girls that are visibly styled and pre-meditated (and IN FOCUS). I’m interested in these, and I think she should do more. ...So even though I’m not a fan, I encourage you to go look at her current work and think for your self.“
  Inez Harbor Paige
The Internet, 2013