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Teapot in tempest, on the spot!
Peter Shire

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Drawings from 1980-2000.

From the publisher: 

"Cloud chamber is an atom catcher. A box where little marks that look like little comets appear on the side as atoms hurl through space, providing the evidence of the existence of something we can’t see. Somehow my memory of cloud chamber persists although I’m not sure if I really remember this.

Drawings are like cloud chambers. They present a format to catch ideas and make marks and give form to something we can’t see. --- Ideas and visions are ephemeral things, and once drawn they become real, and exist on a plane of communication. Drawings are as close to the moment of thinking, and.. possibly feeling."
Published by OMMU.

48 Pages
16.5 X 23.5 cm
Edition of 700
ISBN 978-618-82096-0-2