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WAX Magazine #6
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WAX Magazine Issue 6: 



Kyle Albers with Kris Chatterson

Tom Adley with Rob Kulisek

Amy Yao with Drew Heitzler

Chad Robertson with Aeriel Brown

Connan Mockasin and Tim Koh with Bernard Chadwick

Cristobal by Users



Strange Encounters by Rob Kulisek and Emily Larned

Location Unknown by Dom, Drew, James, Ryan and TColla

In Pursuit by Luke and Nik

Two Rockaways by Banjo McClachlin

Wonderland by Patrick Romero

To Shizuoka by Kazuhiro Terauchi



Atlantic Wall by Jaap Proost

Strawberry Baskets with Nick Lynn

Reading the Book of Water by Margaret Cohen

Rockaway, 1953by Mickie Meinhardt