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by Nick Haymes (signed)

Sold Out!
8.25″ x 11.75″
300 total edition run
signed and numbered
Published by Little Big Man

In Nick Haymes’ Zoloto, there exists the brutal honesty about family life. The images present themself as a challenge to the assumption that familial life should be rendered perfect in photographic albums—unblemished and idealized. Here exists a veristic reality that combines both the highs and lows; the picturesque and perverse; the sublime and the banal.

Zoloto, the Russian word for gold (observed by Haymes through his interactions with his Russian in-laws), reflects his affections for his family life—however unhinged it may appear. Childish revelry soon turns to a bloodied nose, which with time returns again to revelry. Through Haymes’ unflinching gaze, the experiences of childhood and adolescence are defined with unusual clarity and savage beauty. Zoloto’s sequence details an intimate narrative of this complex inner world, as Haymes’ images are at once a combination of both the documentary and the staged, employing tableaux to further reveal the intimacies of childhood life.